Sugar Blossom Baking Club Overview

Summer Camp Breakdown:

Each week, kids will come into our studio to learn the fundamentals of baking starting from learning how to measure ingredients and ending with a celebratory cookie decorating class. Each class is led by Food Network winning baker, Andrea, where she will teach you her expert piping skills and flavor exploration techniques. Each class is 2 hours long with 2 instructors in each class that follows a lesson plan that has been designed to teach your little one educational elements behind baking such as: math, color exploration & creativity. Weekly camps are age specific and are tailored to provide each student with the curriculum that suits them best. There will be no actual baking during the classes.

PLEASE contact us before hand if you child has any food allergies we should be aware of.

Class 1: Measuring, following a recipe, & dough making

Class 2: Icing consistency, color mixing

Class 3: Cookie decorating

Our baking club allows parents to be in full control of their children’s interactions/contact with others

Bonus: We are offering take home baking classes for any missed classes as we do not offer any refunds or makeup dates.

Three day ticket Price: $240

Single day ticket price: $40

3 classes, 2 hours each

Parents will be emailed an agreement form that must be signed before class starts. Our studio doors will remained closed to the public during the duration of our camp hours.

VISIT US! 14663 Orchard Pkwy Unit 400, Westminster, CO 80023