Our whole process is completely custom from start to finish.
This means the possibilities are endless! Saw something you
like? Have an idea you’d like to see brought to life? We’ve got
you covered. Our talented team can make pretty much
anything you like in cookie form or bring to life any baking
ideas you may have and run with it. Please note that we have
a minimum of 1 dozen and require at least 2 weeks notice but
prefer 3 as our calendar fills up very quickly.


How do I place an order?

Visit our online shop to see our full range of products, all of which can be purchased online.

Where do you deliver?

We ship throughout the United States.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We have a few different delivery options via UPS, FedEx or USPS. We always ship via 2 day unless otherwise specified. Rush Fees apply for orders placed less than 2 weeks from delivery time.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently ship outside of the US but it’s something we’re working on! We have contacts in Canada, Mexico & London if you'd like our recommendation.

How do you ensure my cookies won’t break in transit?

We mail hundreds of cookies across the US every day and put a lot of effort into ensuring your cookies make it to you in one piece. Our tried and tested method involves each cookie heat sealed for freshness with a food label on the back, individually bubble wrapped and placed inside a sturdy mailing box cushioned with shredded paper to stop them from moving around in the box. The box is then sealed with extra fragile stickers throughout. As you can see, we do our best to ensure your cookies are safe but once your box is out of our hands, it's out of our control. We can not be held liable for any damages, lost packages or refunds.

How long will my cookies last for?

Your cookies will last for at least one month from the date of delivery. The shelf life can be extended by up to 2 months if you move them to an airtight container and freeze them.

Do you offer gluten free or vegan cookies?

Yes, we offer gluten free cookies and working towards perfecting our vegan recipe, coming soon.

Can I pick my order up in person?

Yes, if you are in the Greater Denver Metro area you can certainly arrange to pick up your order locally at our Store. Additionally we offer delivery for a small fee.

Still have questions?

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