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Meet Andrea

Andrea Goossens is an artist, self-taught cookie designer, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur from Belize currently residing in Colorado. Trained in architecture and turned interior designer she is now baking dreams come true and serving the sweetest works of art in edible form to people across the world. Andrea’s vibrant edible cookie creations have been celebrated in Vogue, The Knot, Insider, and Food Network among others. The Colorado based chef, baker, painter, and artist first gained fame as the season 4 Christmas Cookie Challenge Winner on Food Network in 2020. Since then, Andrea has created a thriving bakery and brand that values local community, sustainability and inclusivity. Growing up in a country where food & music is at the heart of the culture, it is easy to recognize how her upbringing gave roots to her passion for flavor and baking. Food is a universal force that brings all of us together.

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